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Born and raised in London, my ethnic Origin is Indian. Brought up with mixed cultures, religions and three languages, I struggled for years trying to 'fit in', and how to answer the question 'where are you from?'.


Not realising at the time these inner questions lead me to study the travel industry, looking for answers about myself.  After graduating my MSc in Air Transport Management, I felt even more determined to get to know our planet and discover myself.


I met my partner along this journey and we shared the same passion to work and live in other countries, like …. Switzerland, Germany, Indonesia, the US and most recently China. During these adventures I also worked in consulting, Marketing, Real Estate and teaching English. I thoroughly enjoyed all my different roles during that time and felt that somehow everything was connected. What I realised today even with all the constant changes I within was stretched to such highs and lows, looking for self satisfaction and happiness within, yet one thing was clear I was drawn to people, whether it be teaching, communicating with and supporting.

Also growing up with mixed religions, left many opens questions in my mind, about our purpose and path. Having to adapt to different situations and always re-starting  I yearned inner balance and peace.


Back then twenty years ago self help books, spiritual books and attending self help courses started my journey in recognising my awareness and how to listen to my inner voice to enjoy living in the moment .... Wherever I was at that given time and no matter where I was from, or what my spiritual belief was. My religion today is simply being a giving, loving & supporting human being, whilst guiding my children aged 12 & 10. It gives me great pleasure watching then grow and be the future global generation. My family time is where I am home.


A mother of two children, a global citizen and baggage of experience in change and cultures, I have come to realise my purpose …. to facilitate you on your journey to self awareness & happiness.  I chose to complete my coaching course in London with Unitive Coaching, having had one-to-one sessions with Charles Bentley. It became clear on my very first session that this holistic mindful approach is exactly what I was looking for.


Let me provide the support you need, being your mirror so you can see your inner power! Life can be such a beautiful and fulfilling journey, re-connect with your true happy being.

How different things seem
with a refreshed perspective,
this wonderful journey
we call life is magnificent
if you allow it!

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